2008 World Championship Cookoff

  Overall     Best Wagon/Camp
1 Gayland Ward Wagon   1 Quarter Circle KC
2 C bar C   2 Gayland Ward
3 T Half Circle   3 C4B
4 Rockin' K   4 C Bar C
5 C4B   5 T Half Circle
6 Quarter Circle KC   6 UH-OH Ranch

  Steak Potatoes Beans Cobbler Biscuits
1 Hitch Ranch 3 Bar W Broken Spur T Half Circle Gayland Ward Wagon
2 Rockin' K C4B Hitch Ranch C bar C T Half Circle
3 UH-OH Ranch Gayland Ward Gayland Ward Broken Spur Rockin' K
4 Gayland Ward Honey Do Spoiler Wild Cow Wild Cow C Bar C
5 Quarter Circle KC UH-OH Ranch T Half Circle C4B Whitaker Ranch
6 C Bar C C Bar C Z Lazy T Quarter Circle KC C4B

Junior Cobbler Cook
First place went to Cheyanne Henson cooking with the Quarter Circle KC Crew.
In 2nd was Joseph Walunas hosted by the Cocklebur Wagon.
Third place was Chloe Carrier cooking with the Whitaker Ranch.
Fourth place junior cook was Ryan Castleberry from the Whitaker ranch cooking on the Quarter Circle KC wagon.
Fifth place was Jared Hesse of the UH-OH Ranch cooking at the T Half Circle Wagon.

Special thanks to all the host wagons listed above along with the Block Y, C Bar C, Hitch Ranch, Honey Do spoiler, Lizzie II, Wild Cow and Z Lazy T.

World Champion Ice Cream Crank Off
The Honey-Do Spoiler crew.

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